The National Gallery.

The other day I grabbed a friend and decided to go on an adventure. Keeping in mind that my money management skills are minimal to nonexistent, we wanted to do something relatively inexpensive. The National Gallery in Dublin is just after opening up a whole new section of the building ! With a major advantage of having free admission we chose it as our destination.

Not going to lie, did not expect to be blown away or anything but, honestly, it was so beautiful! The gallery offers works of more contemporary artists, such as J.B. Yeats (one of my fave Irish artists), but also older paintings. I love how the art works were chosen to be displayed. The order, colour of the walls, the lighting – I feel like it all worked and created the desired effect.

After the exploring, which made us feel more cultured, intelligent and all rounded people than we actually are, we decided it was time for some iced coffee, ice cream and chats. Enjoying the very rare occurrence in Ireland – the sun, we opted for the good ol’  St. Stephen’s Green Park and spent time catching up.

I definitely recommend giving the National Gallery a visit. Whether you enjoy art or you just want something different to do on your day off, it is the perfect place! Also, free admission. You can’t go wrong. You just can’t.

Here are some pictures I took, which only show about 2% of what’s there. But sure, why would you want me giving it all away anyway?







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