So it’s another Thursday morning, another day where you have absolutely nothing planned and you know you will be bored out of your mind. It’s rainy, cold and gets dark by the time you manage to get up from your bed. You’ve went through all the good movies and TV series on Netflix and you’re left with the one star crappy ones- ew ! Here are some alternatives to sleeping all day. 😀

  1. Museums/Galleries

The other day I went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art and it was so so fun! It’s not the Louvre or anything but worth a visit! The current exhibitions that we visited are: “What We Call Love: From Surrealism to Now”, “Chloe Dewe Matthews: Shot at Dawn”, “Grace Weir: 3 Different Nights”. We then went to the gift shop which, surprisingly, had loads of quirky creative books, postcards, cards etc. At the end of the trip my friend and I went to get a cup of coffee- compulsory element of any day out.                                                                     If you’re a student or under 18 it’s free entry, if not, it’s €8.


  1. Take a walk

One of those simple and kind of common sense ones BUT most people are too lazy! So what if it’s cold and raining?! Grab an umbrella, extra warm scarf and off you go! Taking a friend or even your dog makes it much more interesting. Phaoinix Park, local park, around your estate- anywhere! I went to Temple Bar and just walked around, chatted and caught up with some friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to leave your house and explore!


  1. Cafe

This gloomy weather is the perfect excuse to find a cute café and order a hot drink! My favourites are Café Nero in Stephen’s Green and Hippety’s Café in Temple Bar. It’s always nice to look for a place you’ve never been to and discover something new- there’s more to find in Dublin than you’d think. I decided to catch up with an old friend of mine. It was so nice to just see what’s going on in her life: what changed, what stayed the same…

  1. Hobby

So you’ve already done all of the above a million times and you’re still bored? Perhaps you just need a hobby, an interest to dedicate your free time to? There are so many fields you can get into: art, music, photography, sports, dance – your choice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t completely fall in love with the first thing you try! Try everything until you find something you’re really passionate about, I mean, what do you have to lose??

If you already have a passion- develop it! I was always into drawing and painting so I’m trying to improve in that field, especially with 2016 only beginning, it is a good time to restart and get back into your hobby!

Ewa xox



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